Have you ever wanted something to happen so fast and you feel the process is agonizingly slow and you just want to get to the part where everything is exactly the way you dreamed it would be? I understand. I feel that way too sometimes. But process time may be the most beautiful part of your miracle story if you’d just let yourself go through it. God is definitely not trying to make you jump process. And of course, there is a generation waiting to listen to that beautiful part of your story where you constantly had to stir hard to form the miracle that you are becoming now.

I like to share a little story which has taught me to love process with you. Here we go. You see, I am very passionate about skincare so I decided to get trained to become a skincare formulator. “… Don’t get bothered if your lotion is watery at first. The temperature may be too high, it’s going to thicken as the temperature drops. You just keep mixing with your stick blender.” That’s what my teacher told me in my lotion making class.

When the time came for me to practice on my own, I had a watery lotion and I panicked. I had combined my water, emulsifier and oil together and blended the mixture with my stick blender but it felt as though no change was taking place. I knew my teacher told me not to worry when this happens but somehow it just didn’t matter. I felt her lotion formed faster in the class and mine was taking toooo longggg.

I had this feeling I had gotten the formula wrong somewhere, somehow and was ready to throw my “liquid” out. But then, I decided to wait it out and trust what she said about temperatures and thickening. I took my thermometer and checked the temperature of the mixture. It was 65°C (Now that’s pretty hot). Hardly would any lotion thicken at that temperature, right? I started blending till it cooled. I ended up with a fine lotion. I can make any kind of lotion I want now but I had to learn first to trust the process of lotion making by waiting there and blending until it comes together.

Your ability to trust God while He’s taking you through a process may be the best thing that can happen to you. You may feel things are not coming together as they should, you don’t see things forming fast and taking shape like you think they should and it almost looks like everyone you know has left you behind and everyone else is succeeding except you. Sometimes the devil even tries to get you thinking God is not pleased with you.

But hey, God is more pleased with you than you can ever imagine. Sometimes He just tries to teach you patience by telling you to hold on for a while. God’s processing will never leave you the same. You’ve got to trust God. This means being obedient to His instructions even if it doesn’t make sense to you right away. God never promised that His ways will always make sense to us but He did promise one thing— My word will always succeed at the thing which it has been sent out to accomplish.

God is really not a fan of making His children jump process. He loves that process part of your purpose where you get to learn faith, trust, perseverance, humility and keeping your joy in the face of challenges because nothing forms until the process is finished. He wants to teach you all of that and to believe His word even when everything else is falling and failing. It may look like you’re not getting a quick response from staying on God’s word but you just keep staying. Something is actually happening to you, it’s building perseverance, character and hope in you.

Endurance produces character, and character produces hope. Romans 5:4

And just like an emulsifier has been designed to bind oil and water, God is clear about His intention and plans for you and it’s absolutely uncomplicated nor far-fetched— to give you a beautiful expected end. What more? He is in the process with you. Allow His word be your peace, stability and strength. Don’t throw your liquid out. Stop second-guessing the truth that He has you held up in His hands. The temperature may be really high and it may look like you’re stirring endlessly but nothing is jelling. Be patient, keep believing, keep praying and keep praising. Things happen when God has you at the right temperature.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

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  1. Paul says:

    Glory to God

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  2. oluwabukolaobaremogmailcom says:

    The story got me,I felt that way too sometimes that the process of my miracle is slow..have always thought of why is everyone I know succeeding and leaving me behind not knowing God has planned the shape and the journey..I remember when i was through with secondary school,came out with good result and i still end up being home for good four years while my friends who don’t have such of my grades are given admission into university and polytechnic of their choice…uhmmm,the channel was not easy but here i’m now,I’m always Greatful to God for the process of his miracle towards my life.

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    1. Girl, don’t I know a little about this story? Now look where you are and what God is doing in your life, some came as a big shocking miracle. We will keep trusting God to take us through whatever He needs to take us through to make us. I am so happy for you, darling!

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  3. God indeed builds us up in the wait. Imagine if you had given up on it at that time. It would have been wasted products and wasted efforts. Truly patience crowns our efforts with the success God desires for us.


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    1. Dami Dapo says:

      That’s right, Sis! Thank you for this beautiful comment.


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